We Clean Laminate Wood Floors

For daily cleaning of your laminate wood floors simply use a micro-fiber dust mop or wipe occasionally with a damp towel or cloth mop. If you need a heavier cleaning please DO NOT USE: Orange Glo®, Murphy Oil®, Holloway House®, or Mop & Glo®. All of these cleaners and most others leaves a hazy cloudy film and attacks and embeds dirt and sand particles that will scratch your wood or laminate flooring. Also don't use wax, paste, or ammonia on your laminate wood flooring. Flooding your laminate floors with water will damage them, please lightly mist anytime applying a liquid to your floors.

If you avoid thick waxy or pasty cleaning products and simply mist the surface of your floors with a little Windex® and clean with a micro-fiber dust mop your floors will be better off.

For annual cleaning we suggest you call a professional wood and laminate floor cleaning company such as DFW Steam cleaning who has been trained in the proper way of cleaning laminate wood flooring products. DFW Steam Cleaning uses BONA® professional wood floor cleaning products and equipment for a complete a safe cleaning of your laminate wood floors.